Razmjena vještina

DORS/CLUC 2014 conference


Every year, our three day annual DORS/CLUC 2014 conference is happening. This year, the dates shifted a few weeks later, which resulted in less students showing up because of exams, so it was a somewhat different experience than years before. For few years now we are not at the University ... pročitajte više

Vjetre s Dinare


Neka naša interna šala sa kravom, gelom za kosu i srednjovjekovnim patriotizmom. Složeno u 10 minuta sa Image Magickom (uzeti frameove iz animgifa), youtube-dl (uzeti video sa youtubea), ffmpeg-om (uzeti mp3 iz videa), Audacity-jem (editirati audio) i iMoviem (montaža). Bio bi avidemux u priči ali nešto me nije volio. pročitajte više

parallella - first week with supercomputer


After 18 months Parallella kickstarter project delivered and I got device in my hands. To be honest, I was prepared to write off $100 for it, but decided to support project because I believe that we should have alternative architectures developed and Epiphany had such a goal. As you can ... pročitajte više

Fixing Debian depenencies using fake package


Few days ago, I noticed odd problem with koha-common package. It depends on mysql-client which on squeeze tries to install version 5.1 which conflicts with my installation which uses Percona MySQL build. How can we fix this? As it turns out, it rather easy. I will just create fake package ... pročitajte više

Building custom OpenWRT image for home router


Finally I decided to upgrade my wireless network to 802.11n, and to do so I picked up cheap TP-Link TL-WR740N and decided to install OpenVPN, n2n and munin node on it. This is where the problems started because simple opkg install openvpn filled up whole file-system. Instead of declaring fail ... pročitajte više




Hacklab u mami

Hacklab u mami je javni radni prostor tehnoloških entuzijasta u klubu mama. Inicirala ga je grupa okupljena oko programa Razmjena vještina.
A Django site.