[hacklab] tom levine o nixos-u i drugim stvarima

***not from irc-logger but from mailList by Marcell:
[hacklab] tom levine o nixos-u i drugim stvarima subota 27.2.2o16. u 20:oo:
"tomovim rječima:
"We will install NixOS (http://nixos.org/) on a computer and play with
configurations. Tom (https://thomaslevine.com) will lead the session;
he has been using NixOS for about two months, which might be slightly
longer than you have been using it. If there is interest, Tom may
whimsically change topics to other things that interest him lately,
such as the specification of user interfaces through Python function
annotations (http://big.dada.pink/horetu/), the Unix-style testing of
Hmm and maybe this would interest people because it's art or something.